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IMPORTANT. October 10, 2012

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Dear friends and family,

First of all, I am doing pretty well.  Our case is moving forward and will be admitted to the Supreme Court soon.  The ENTIRE dismissal was based on the fact that she would have brothers who are older than her.  Pages (from the Chief Justice) of praise for our family’s living environment, character, what we could provide this child, followed by descriptions of Urmila’s abandonment, then the acknowledgement that CARA, our sons’ teachers, family referrals, and the United States of America have approved us with gold stars… and then a couple of closing paragraphs stating that older siblings would leave Urmila’s “future in the dark”.  I’m not kidding.  And then… “Case disposed of”.

I don’t know how to put into words the love and compassion I felt with each and every word of your responses. There were mornings that I would re-read your posts.  “You will fight for her, because she is your daughter.”  Laughter from the story of a little boy’s perfectly wonderful reasoning about how HE would bring my child home!  Both the literally hundreds of messages on my personal Facebook page, and the powerful stories, advice and showers of kindness that you, my readers, have shared with me got me through my grief.  I am ready for the next step which is…

AMAZING news… My mom and I are going to see Urmila this coming November!!!  I am so out-of-my-mind excited, I don’t even know what to write.  We need our hearts renewed.  We need to hold each other in our arms and realize that this story will end well.  I trust and have faith that it will.  Not just end well, but end the way it was made to.  I still believe that my journey to my child will have a Disney ending.  Tears to fill an ocean, but those tears will be tears of happiness.

So it is here that I need to tell my readers that I have to temporarily suspend my blog.  I was passed along advice from our attorney that I need to stay as private as possible during our time in the Supreme Court.

For this reason, I will be setting up a Facebook page under the name:

Urmila Hawk-Miller

With this page I will be able to select who can view her story, making it the safest way to share the ups and the downs of this adoption.

I have also set up an email address so that you may email her (me) with any other comments/questions/concerns/rants/words of advice/love


There was NO WAY I was going to take down this blog without letting you know how the story turns out!  Once she is home and safe in my arms, I will start it up again.  It is truly an amazing relay we are running.  I know the finish line is just around the corner…

With so much love for all you have given me (us!),

Erin Hawk & family